Are You A Victim Of Breach Of Contract?

What is Breach of Contract?

Breach of contract generally occurs if a binding agreement is not honored by one or several parties.

The event of a breach of contract can be determined based on different factors. Either, one party has announced to not perform his duty, or the party’s action and conduct indicates that the party is not able to to perform the contract.

20+ Year of Experience in Breach of Contract Claims

At Grun & Associates we have the commitment necessary to protect your rights and interests. We have attorneys who understand breach of contract law and are effective negotiators and litigators.

Our practice includes all manner of business relationship disputes, from breach of contract, fraud, disputes among owners of closely held corporations, to disputes under the Uniform Commercial Code.

Our Service

At Grun & Associates we support you from strategic advice when breaches first occur to enforcing your rights through mediation, arbitration or trial. Many breach of contract cases resolve through settlement, which often makes sense to reduce risk and save costs.

We understand breach of contract law, know how to evaluate the risks involved in a breach of contract claim, and have the expertise to take your case to trial and win.

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