Are You A Victim Of Insurance Bad Faith?

Have you been wrongfully denied an insurance claim? Or, you have been underpaid by your insurance company for a claim? If this is the case, you may be entitled to bring an insurance bad faith claim or lawsuit against the insurance company in order to receive the coverage or benefits of your insurance policy.

Under insurance bad faith you could be entitled to not only receive payments due to you under your insurance policy, but also your attorneys’ fees and punitive damages if the insurance company is found to be acting in bad faith and in conscious disregard of your rights.

Some common forms of insurance bad faith include the following:

Refusing Payment

This occurs when insurance companies refuse or delay paying their insured without reasonable grounds.

Deliberate Misinterpretation

This occurs when the insurance company misinterprets the language of the policy in order to avoid payment.

Delaying Investigation

When an insurance company fails to pay due to their lack of investigation or lack of prompt investigation.

Unreasonable Demands

When insurance companies require unreasonable proof of loss.

Lack of Action

When insurance companies fail to affirm or deny a claim, even if they have completed their investigations.


This occurs when insurance companies prevent attorneys from receiving proper information, stopping information from being sent to policyholders, and any unreasonable action meant to frustrate or delay proceedings.


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